5 Common Mistakes to Avoid As an ICO Community Manager

As new standard for start-ups and business ventures, ICOs are here to gain investment by communities. But, it is equally essential to have the right people around to launch the ICO campaign and target potential contributors around the world, mostly to drive big investors.

There is, however, no universally accepted meaning of a crypto-currency community. It is mostly a group of people who come to cyberspace in order to exchange information about crypto-currency and ICO are mostly known as crypto-currency community.

As the experience with clients goes high, so does the errors that might happen. But, it is important to learn from these mistakes as an ICO community manager. Some of the common mistakes with ICO services have been listed here:

A Team Brand should be included in the ICO Community Marketing Strategy

Team branding gets missed out often even when it defines how the company is being viewed by the community. Right from the beginning, everything forms the logo to names and vision should be much clear about ICO community engagement.

First, it should be assured that none of the members will send out any crypto addresses in the bios as well as on the channel. While the pin message will be updated regularly to reflect that none of the real admins are soliciting anyone for cash.

Secondly, the use of graphics and icons that are custom so that ripping the icons becomes incredibly hard. This way the community can differ in real and not. Providing the community with tools for defending themselves from attacks is a good way to build rapport and keep the mediums clean.

Give Participants an Experience through ICO Marketing

Often times a company will complete their ICO, and slowly fall into obscurity. With no new announcements that are coming up and marketing to complete halt, the community starts to follow suit. ICO community starts to lose members, money, and participants from the platform that occurs slowly but, for sure. So, it should be about growing and creating relationships through shared experiences.

Your ICO Community Management Agency Does Not Post On Social Media

Social media is one of the most popular ways that one can interact with the customer and gives a good way to promote your ICO. It is the free and direct form of communication with the brand itself. With no use of this platform, one is actually denying the participants and existing community the way of sending feedback or opinions.

A Target Audience for ICO campaign

Mostly rookie community managers do the mistake of targeting a large and general population to amass as many users as possible. Bur, actually the potential people are very specific people with similar interests. It says a group of people in the definition of the community so, it cannot be about all of them. By just focusing on specific identities of a community, one can nurture a brand even further while activating the necessary components of the community at the right time.

Not Being Part of a Community Yourself

While one is running a community there is also required for them to be the part of the community. It is important to be beside the users, to truly understand their wants and needs.

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