How You Can Promote Your ICO By Implementing These Tips

An Initial Coin Offering is an unregulated tool through which a cryptocurrency start-up tries to attract initial investment for its new venture. Interested backers who buy coins with the hope to trade these at a higher future value once the project is successfully launched can often make a large return in a short period of time. One issue which many start-ups who are considering an ICO face, is that the regulatory authorities of many different countries are yet to determine legislation on an ICO. This means that it could be banned by countries in the future.

Those who are planning to carry out an ICO to fund their business should do it without any further delays. Below are some useful ICO promotion tips which can be implemented to attract the attention of potential investors.

Releasing Information In Popular ICO Calendars

ICO organizers should place information pertaining to their upcoming token sale on many different popular ICO calendars. There are many different resources which you can be found through searching, where you may publish the schedule and announcement of your planned ICO. Many popular ICO calendars include,,,, etc. With a simple Google search, you can find even more calendars that list the various projects.

Use of Social Networks and Communities For ICO’s

ICO calendars are effective, but they have very limited outreach to an audience which can provide immediate feedback on how interesting an upcoming project may be for people. Therefore, a wise step in the promotion of an ICO should be to use various social media platforms and communities to publish announcements and links back to the main ICO website. Outreach to potential investors with lots of information on the project is very important when you aim to attract people. Publishing information in different communities is a more effective approach as opposed to continuing posting on calendars.

Working With Online Media

After the relevant announcements have been published on ICO calendar sites, social media platforms and forums, it is time to work with other online media outlets. You should use blogs and press releases to promote your content, but don’t expect free a publication to push it for free, so be sure to draw up a budget for content promotion.

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