Things To Keep In Market Before Marketing Your ICO

Startups aiming to build-up cryptocurrency related businesses are always seeking new opportunities to raise money to kick-start their operations. For many, raising funds equates to initial coin offering (ICO), as opposed to taking the traditional route of the capital venture. Similar to other crowdfunding projects, you have to create an effective marketing strategy which can be rewarding for your start-up. In the simplest terms, initial coin offering is a process where a startup offers its new virtual currency to interested investors in exchange for ethereum or Bitcoin.

This blog provides some useful marketing tips to start-ups so that they can realize the true potential of ICO and attract investors who are looking for higher returns on their investment. Read on to know more about it.

• One of the essential marketing activities for a successful ICO launch is having a website or mobile app with a simple, responsive design and relevant information that will attract investors. Its content should be well-elaborated through ICO whitepaper, videos, graphs, and expert analysis to win the trust of investors who are not comfortable with mere speculations.

• Although ICOs are popular, they are not the best option for every company. Startups should do a research on how to integrate digital tokens in their business model. If its inclusion will not add to the value of the product or services, you might as well consider the classic Initial Public Offering (IPO) to raise funds for the project.

Listing your ICO on multiple ICO websites will help to create a widespread awareness about in a quick time. Free listing is available on many popular English websites that you can use for the promotion of your ICO.

• If you want potential investors to show interest in your start-up, you have to give them a reason for it. In other words, you need to convince the backers that their investment will yield higher returns once a project is launched successfully. Token holders should be entitled to rewards, like using tokens to purchase products or services on the relevant platform.

•Even though ICOs are unregulated, investors want to know whom they are dealing with. Introduce them to your team which includes advisors, members, associates, partners, and sponsors. It will help to build reliability and credibility of your fresh project.

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